Anti Covid-19 Protocols - Can Corem de Son Moix

Ozone purification applied in the cleaning of the Villa.


We are glad you decided to stay at Can Corem de Son Moix, and we want to make sure you have a pleasant stay with us. We follow all official cleaning and hygiene guidelines to reduce the risk of contagion in our property by disinfecting all surfaces at every change of guests.

Do not worry and enjoy your stay with us! We have taken all the necessary measures to clean and disinfect our property.



* Wash your hands regularly with water and soap. Use hand sanitizer.

* Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you sneeze.

* Do not touch your face, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean and disinfected.


* Minimize contact like handshakes or hugs.

* Avoid contact with sick people.

* Avoid travel by public transportation or crowded places if you are not feeling well or are sick.


* Encourage air circulation by opening windows and doors.

* Disinfect items such as cellphones and computer keyboards frequently.

* If you develop symptoms such as a fever and cough or experience respiratory problems, seek medical attention immediately.

Our commitment to a clean and safe environment.

The safety of our guests is our highest priority. We have taken the necessary measures to guarantee that our property complies with official cleaning and hygiene guidelines to minimize the risk of Covid-19 infections.

Compliance of recommended official guidelines:

We follow Spain’s government official protocols for the prevention of Vovid-19 contagion as well as WHO cleaning and disinfecting guidelines and best practices. We actively monitor any related updates to improve the safety and well-being of our guests.

Recommended and effective cleaning and disinfecting products:

We only use TP2 virucidal products recommended by the Spanish Ministry of Health when cleaning and disinfecting our property.

Textiles, towels and bedding:

We wash all our textiles, towels and bedding at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius as dictated by official guidelines. We do not place clean textiles until we have disinfected the property.

Cleaning and disinfecting:

We use disinfectant solutions to clean all surfaces on our property. This includes any element that previous guests have been able to touch such as keys, doorknobs, chairs, tables and countertops, light switches or remote controls among others.

Maintenance inspections:

We inspect our property every time there is a change of guests to guarantee compliance with our cleaning, disinfecting and maintenance protocols. These quality inspections include the assessment of smoke alarms and sensors, access to fire extinguishers, appliances, ventilation systems and much more.

Trained professionals:

Our cleaning and maintenance team consists of professionals aiming to offer the best service.

Proper us of PPE:

All our professional team use personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks and gloves during the performance of their tasks.

Double dishwashing:

Our cleaning team will wash dishes and kitchen utensils twice between guest to minimize the risk of exposure.