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Cala Rajada

Cala Rajada

Cala Rajada is a town in the municipality of Capdepera. It is located on the farthest northeast point of the island of Mallorca, about 50 miles from the capital, Palma. It is the main and most developed coastal port in the Capdepera district.

Tourism began to land around this area in the 60s, before this Cala Rajada was a small fishing port. The original port still endures today, but it has become more of a tourist cruise destination.

Cala Rajada is a very established locality and is included among the main tourist destinations on the island. It is a destination highly demanded by German tourists, this area has earned a good reputation among foreign tourists, a tourism in which German predominates.

The municipality has a total of 78 hotels with a total of 15,528 hotel beds, although these data also include the urban centers of Font de la Cala, Canyamel, Cala Gat and Cala Mesquida. The set of these tourist areas is called First Sun Mallorca, referring to the easternmost position of the municipality with respect to the island of Mallorca.

Cala Rajada is the closest point between Mallorca and Menorca, which is why Cala Rajada has played an important role in the island's economy over the years. On clear days, from here it is not difficult to see the island of Menorca and the city of Ciudadella. The beaches located near the town are: La Pedruscada, Son Moll, Cala Rajada, Cala Gat, L'Olla, Cala Lliteres, Cala Agulla and Cala Moltó.

This area of Mallorca is famous for the steepness of its coastline, as well as for the large number of coves that we find: Capdepera has 25 miles of spectacular coastline with beaches, mostly designated with the Blue Flag for quality granted by the Foundation European Environmental Education. Cleanliness and services on these beaches are important